Simon Busard, Franco Raimondi, Josť Vander Meulen
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NuSVM-ARCTL-TLACE is an extension of NuSMV adding two main functionalities: model checking of ARCTL and generation of tree-like annotated counter-examples.

ARCTL is an extension of the CTL logic adding action-restricted operators and is interpreted over Mixed Transition Systems.

A tree-like annotated counter-example gives all the information needed to understand why a given model does not satisfy a given specification.

This tool is composed of a modified version of NuSMV 2.2.2, able to model check ARCTL and to generate XML-format counter-examples, and TLACE Visualizer. TLACE Visualizer is a tool to visualize and browse tree-like annotated counter-examples.

Current version : (06 Dec 2013)

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Simon Busard, Franco Raimondi, Josť Vander Meulen

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